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04 Apr 2015

Creating characterful interiors with hardwood moulding

(BPT) – Just as tasteful, well-chosen jewelry can turn an unexciting outfit into a stylish, eye-catching ensemble, carefully applied hardwood mouldings and trimwork can transform a plain-Jane interior into an interesting – even beautiful – space.

Today’s newly built houses often lack any sort of carved-wood ornamentation. Many older homes have lost their traditional decorative details through successive modernizing renovations

04 Apr 2015
Trim Installation Anchorage Tips For Spring Cleaning

Improve your spring-cleaning routine and create a healthier home

Improve your home’s air quality with your spring-cleaning process (BPT) – Spring is cleaning season. You’ve opened the curtains to let in the sunshine, and every cleaning product you have in the house is primed and ready for action. The whole family has been enlisted to help. The youngest is in charge of wiping all the cobwebs off the floorboards. You have the older children giving the windows a good scrubbing, and your partner is assigned to hit all the […]